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Al Namas


Document the captivating scenes in Al Namas. This mountainous city welcomes you, invites you to walk among its mists, listen to the melodies of its songs, and stand on its peaks amid the temperature rarely exceeding 29 ° in summer. When you visit Al Namas, you will have the opportunity to stand on the peaks with a magical panoramic view and visit heritage sites that reflect unique architectural arts. The experience here is linked to everything that is cloudy and towering, so expectations are always high.

15 km north of Al Namas, an adventure experience awaits you within a variety of teams organizing hacking activities and mountain climbing to ascend the summit of Mount Murir, one of the highest mountains of the Sarawat mountain range, with a height of up to 2700 meters above sea level, making the summit of Jabal Murir the highest mountain peaks in Al Namas.

The summit of Mount Murir is also known as the Peak of Al Khayaleen, where in clear weather you have the opportunity to see all the landscapes between you and the Red Sea in the west, and the palm plantations in Bisha in the east, and from here the summit gained its distinctive name.

In addition to the experience of climbing the summit of Mount Murir, you can try three famous climbing sites in the Asir region: wajihat alsharaf, wajihat alzilal, and wajihat alkitab.

Al Namas combines the mild tourist weather with the cultural mix that left its mark on the designs of the colorful balconies, the seven domes, and the stone corridors of the Al-Maqar Palace, or as it is known as the Palace of Civilizations, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in the region, within every corner here is a color inspired by the culture of Asir with its diversity of bright trees and colorful nature.