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At an altitude of 2,200 m between the peaks of the Sarawat Mountains, Abha, is ideally located in southwestern region of Saudi Arabia. Its exceptional location allows you to embrace the clouds and wonder around its mountaintops. While consumed with astonishment and amusement, you will feel like time traveling hundreds of years back in time as you stumble upon castles and palaces built from the elements taken from their unspoiled environment. Making your way through the fog, even in summertime, you will easily find its plains and cliffs and its rich diversity. You will get a chance to learn closely about the artistic community, and how, hundreds of years ago, women extracted the bright colors from trees and stones to redecorate the spaces and embellish their houses with, a type of abstract art, traditional Qatt Al Aseeri, which is now recognized as a global symbol that expresses man and place. In Abha, you can enjoy listening to old tales, as you wander around ancient houses that date back to hundreds of years ago. These have been turned into museums by their owners and made available for the world to experience. During your tour, you can have a taste of the past by the diverse selection of traditional dishes offered by museum owners as a rich sensory experience to top your visit. Make sure to get souvenirs engraved with Al-Qatt Al-Aseeri art, which is listed by UNESCO in 2017 on its list of intangible cultural heritage, before you leave. This way, you will leave with Abha deeply engraved in your memory.