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A Trip to Farasan Islands

Off the shore of the southern province of Jazan lies a small coral island group called the Farasan Islands. Making waves for its idyllic white shorelines and bucolic views that have remained intact throughout history; this island paradise offers a sanctuary to discover the simple life on the Red Sea, while getting the chance to dive and snorkel.

With evidence of human activity from as early as the beginning of the 1st millennium BC, civilizations have left their presence throughout history, including the Sabeans, Romans, Aksumites, Ottomans, and, of course, Arabs. Don’t forget to stop by the unique house built of coral located on the main island.

But Farasan isn’t necessarily famous for its human history. Instead, it is a site of incredible biodiversity as a marine sanctuary. First, the islands are famous for their mangrove forests–a breeding ground for large numbers of birds and the adjacent marine feeding grounds attract varieties such as Osprey, Sooty Falcon, Pink-Backed Pelican, Red-Billed Tropic, White-Eyed Gull, Saunders Little Tern, Crab Plover, and even Flamingos. Some of the islands are also home to the endangered Farasan Island Gazelle; seeing one is rare!

But under the waves lapping the island shores, a system of corals remains unexplored. The untapped potential in this marine world is yours to explore! Farasan is most famous for its vibrant Parrot-fish (which the locals celebrate in a festival every Spring). But, from whale sharks and dugongs to manta rays and sea turtles, the aquatic life here knows no bounds. Be sure to stop by the Jazan Port to browse the multitudinous dive shops to book a boat, guide, and some equipment!

The Farasan Islands is an escape to nature and simpler times, and having an experienced guide may help you navigate its frontiers better. Luckily, there are ferries that can take you to the islands multiple times a day if you’d like to plan your own adventure. Just be sure to pack well!

It is recommended to book your ticket from the ferry station at the Jazan Port one day before you plan to travel to the islands—especially if you plan to bring a car. 


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